"Can attitude formation take place after an act of behavior? Explain with reference to the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance."

Provide the information if there is any affect of behavior act on the attitude formation? Also describe it in the light of the Cognitive Theory Dissonance.
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"While attitudes are generally formed, before an act of behavior (purchase) or before an action is taken, they can also be formed after an act of purchase. Behavior (act of purchase) may precede attitude formation. Consumers experience a sense of uncertainty, uneasiness and discomfort when it comes to making purchase decisions which pertain generally to high involving purchases. Such a feeling arises particularly when the consumer has contradictory and conflicting thoughts about a product and/or brand offering, and he has to make a compromise. This state of uneasiness and discomfort is referred to as cognitive dissonance. It can occur while and after a purchase is made. When it occurs after the act of purchase, it is known as post-purchase cognitive dissonance. Such feelings of dissonance are reduced when a consumer changes his attitude to conform with the act of purchase or behavior. So we can see that in cases of post-purchase cognitive dissonance, attitude change happens as a result of an act of behavior, i.e. purchase. The uneasiness or the dissonance that the consumer experiences compel him to change his attitude towards the attitude object (product and/or brand), so that the attitude (positive/favorable) and the behavior (act of purchase) are in congruence with each other. What happens in the process is that the dissonance that the consumer experiences, induces him to reduce the indifferent or the unfavorable attitude, and make way for a favorable attitude towards the purchase. Thus attitude formation and/or change occur after a purchase has been made. The marketer also has a role to play in reduction of cognitive dissonance. Source:"
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The idea connected with intellectual dissonance offers that individuals have a motivational drive to relieve racket.
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