Basic information on Cyrus the Great?

In the event that anyone is aware whatever with regards to Cyrus the truly great tin that they remember to answer that question sharing with everyone exactly who he is along with precisely what he or she do when i pity our controlled examination it would be a good start to learn at least over a fundamental degree exactly who they had been? Answers are apprehended.
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"Ok, Cyrus was the First King of the Achaemenid Dynasty of Persia, he is a renowned conqueror who defeated the many nations of the ancient Near east expanding the originally Nomadic Persian Empire as far as modern day Turkey from his homeland in central southern Iran, his conquests Included: -Media -Babylonia -Judea -Phoenicia -Lydia -Parts of Ionia (Greek Anatolia) It is also speculated that Cyrus the great was one of the first Rulers in History to devise the concept of Universal Human rights, the British Museum is home to the 'Cyrus Cylinder' which details in old persian cuneiform some of the basic rights and privelages given to men in the Persian world, despite being quite vague. His titles were as follows: King of Kings, King of Persia, King of Media, King of Babylonia and Judea, King of Lydia, King of the four corners of the World."
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"The actual Medes plus the Napoleons have been consequently related of which foreign people helped to view only a transform associated with dynasty (the particular Greeks nevertheless known as the entire grouping Medes), but any such upset meant to the some other properties some sort of seductive helplessness, in addition to Cyrus rapidly observed him or her self embroiled with brand-new conflicts. "
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