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sabir-ali 31-07-2013
sabir-ali - Unity Degree College - Lucknow

The particular annual efficient bank discount is the annual awareness divided because of the investment capital as well as which curiosity

satinder 01-08-2013
satinder - Jiwaji University

 The interest charge that an qualified deposit establishment is definitely priced to borrow shortsighted-expression monetary resource straight from any Government Reserve Bank

architay 01-08-2013
architay - English and Foreign Languages University

Two Measures of Discount Rates: Cost of Equity: This is the rate of return required by equity investors on an investment. It will incorporate a premium for equity risk –the greater the risk, the greater the premium. Cost of capital: This is a composite cost of all of the capital invested in an asset or business. It will be a weighted average of the cost of equity and the after-tax cost of borrowing. Source:


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