Best Engineering Type? Or Best Course?

Hello! I am having problems about what rather design or perhaps what exactly training course I would get and I have to come to a decision rapidly since school will be coming(a) so can you aid me? Here's one thing in relation to me personally which may aid--> I love mathematics! I like doing the work! I spend time having aggravated in a difficulty and receiving the impression associated with accomplishment after i finally get correct answer.. I additionally similar planes~ I prefer staying around these people... Whilst like Chemical science is fine to me, My spouse and i move my own Hormone balance course through an Some sort of.. Are these claims enough info? :)
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Based on what you said, I would say to go for Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. You will need a lot of math, like calculus, differential equations, and physics. When you're actually in college you will do a lot of Statics, Dynamics, Material Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and all sorts of very interesting and math heavy courses.
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i think marine engineering,
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