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What kind of trees grow well in sandy soil?
I just built a new house, its in what used to be a small meadow, and no trees. The ground soil is really sandy under about 8 inches of black dirt. Wha...
What electron should i buy?
i have an xbox 360 slim w/ kinect, a pretty good tv, an iphone, a good camera, and a pretty good laptop what should i buy? actually what should i choo...
How to dye roses? needmoreletters?
"I know that you can make roses turn blue when you place them in blue water, but is it fast? How long do i need to wait for it and what is fastest m...
What is a seahorse's physiological adaptation?
I have a project due tomorrow and I can't find it!!! :(
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Bog mosses are called? And True mosses are called?
prova 2
What is relation of Barley with aneuploidy?
Due to my interest in field I am doing research on the aneuploidy’s relation. Guys guide me about Barley.
What is Aneuploidy?
Hi, I am new in field. Would anyone have idea about Aneuploidy? Please help me to understand.
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Is it aromatic or aeromatic compound-?
Hey guys! One more question stuck, anyone?
Can banana sap and egg shell be used as a liquid eraser?
This is for the science investigatory project. please help. i really need your answer..
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