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Can wind effect how sound waves travel?
Since sound requires a medium to travel, can the speed of wind effect sound waves?
Explain the working and structure of thermo compressor.
Boiler system may contain a thermo- compressor. Elaborate the working of thermo-compressor present in a boiler.
What is the functionality of Economiser?
Boiler system usually contains an Economiser. Explain the working and uses of Economiser in a boiler system.
Mention some of the industrial applications of Heat Pipes.
Heat pipes use waste heat energy utilization technique. Enlist some of basic uses of Heat pipes in the industrial sector for power generation.
What are the Benefits of 'Waste Heat Recovery'?
Heat recovery technique is used in industry to utilize heat energy as a power source. Mention some of the main advantages of using this technology.
"How can we calculate the total Heat recovery from heat treatment furnace? "
In order to know about the power generated from a heat source a quantity called Recoverable heat is calculated. Please mention the formula for calcula...
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What channels should use for Forecasting and Safety in case of hurricanes?
I am preparing a report which includes Forecasting and Safety. I want someone to explain it to me.
How much time is required to reach solar radiation to earth in relation to speed of light?
During preparing for quiz I got question in my mind. Please answer me against the given question.
Define Radiation Laws?
Can any volunteer to tell me the radiation laws?
Define (Wien’s Law) of radiation?
According to report on radiations. I need definition of Wien’s Law. Please help.
What do you know about the Rayleigh Scattering?
I didn’t hear before, about this type of scattering. Someone explain it t me.
Brief about Adiabatic Cooling and Warming?
My research area is Energy radiation. I am preparing report on the Adiabatic cooling and warming. Please explain.
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