"Is it possible for humans to improve their night vision? "?

"i'm sure our own scotopic vision becomes much better after we permit the little brown eyes modify, nevertheless i am wondering should it be potential to raise our entire capability to discover at night - you are aware how many evening time pets observe very well after dark. wouldn't it actually always be feasible for humans to raise our night vision insofar or maybe will it be dependent on exactly how your face are designed?


i could searching, although we alone(p) located ideas to make night vision from quicker but not superior."

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kumar 27-01-2013
kumar - B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology
"You can't ""improve"" your night vision. Nocturnal animals' eyes are designed to see well in the dark. It's a matter of the design of the eyes. Maybe get a transplant with a cat? There is the pirate trick. They wear a patch over an eye so when everything goes dark, they remove the patch and that eye is ready to see in the dark. As you know, it takes time to adjust to seeing in the dark. So the pirate way makes sense :D Course, with only one eye you'll loose depth perception."
bhera 25-03-2013
bhera - Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University
we can't improve our night vision.

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