Which one of the following is NOT true about the plasma membrane?

"a single.) It is made up of a couple lipoid levels

3.) Its lipoid pieces tend to be chiefly phospholipids in addition to trans fat

several.) It includes healthy proteins intended for specialized operates 

several.) The idea adjusts this entrance in addition to quit associated with cellular supplies

your five.) That allows mineral water souble elements to pass through easily"

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jennyfromtheblock 28-01-2013
jennyfromtheblock - University of London
"1 is true 2 is true 3 is true 4 is true 5 is false, making it the answer Water molecules cannot pass through the cell membrane because the lipids are hydrophobic (meaning that they repel water and won't let water or water soluble molecules to pass through it). In order for osmosis to occur, there must be special proteins called aquaporins on the cell membrane, which provide a channel through which the water molecules can pass."
sandyo 08-04-2013
sandyo - Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University
only simple molecules can pass through cell membrane

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