Which sentence best describes the function of nucleic acids?

"They offer strength in order to solar cells.


These people hold facts with regard to building and set ups.


They will shop extra constituent(a) substances.


They retailer muscularity later with the system."

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juanin 06-02-2013
juanin - Keele University
They carry information for building and maintaining structures.
annuu 22-05-2013
annuu - Barkatullah University
            "Nucleic chemicals are usually huge natural elements needed for most identified varieties of lifestyle. They include Geonomics (deoxyribonucleic acid) and also RNA (RNA). In addition to meats, nucleic acids would be the most critical natural macromolecules; just about every is found in great quantity in all of the life, in which they perform in coding, shifting and also revealing ancestral data.           "

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