"Can some one briefly explain the concept ‘Dravya’ from the standpoint of Vaisesika philosophy."

Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details of the 'Dravya’ from the standpoint of Vaisesika philosophy.

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"On the account of Vaisesika School, dravya is the repository of qualities and actions. Qualities and actions can’t exist independent of it. They need dravya to subsist in. Thus, dravya is the foundation or āsrya (locus) of qualities and actions. Source:"

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"Vaisheshika or Vaiśeṣika (Sanskrit: वैशेषिक) is amongst the six to eight Hindu colleges involving school of thought (Vedic systems) of India. Historically, it is tightly for this Hindu school of logic, Nyaya. "

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