List and briefly explain the five main functions of DS traffic conditioning.

Elaborate the main functions of DS traffic conditioning?
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"Classifier: Separates submitted packets into different classes. Meter: Measures submitted traffic for conformance to a profile. The meter determines whether a given packet stream class is within or exceeds the service level guaranteed for that class. Marker: Re-marks packets with a different codepoint as needed. Shaper: Delays packets as necessary so that the packet stream in a given class does not exceed the traffic rate specified in the profile for that class. Dropper: Drops packets when the rate of packets of a given class exceeds that specified in the profile for that class."
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he or she difficulty resolved by DiffServ won't can be found within a organization that's plenty of volume to carry all targeted traffic. Teitelbaum & Stanislav argue rather the capability associated with World wide web links should be picked just right to prevent package damage entirely
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