Briefly explain the division of Buddhist’s schools.

I have an important test next week. I need the information for the Buddhist's School division.
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"Broadly Buddhism is divided into two groups; Mahayana and Hinayana. Further, Mahayana is splited into three schools; Vijnānavādins, Mādhyamika, and Yogāchāra. On the other hand, Hinayana is divided into two schools namely Vaibhāsika, and Sauntratika. Source:"
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The particular group and also characteristics of doctrinal, philosophic as well as national facets or maybe educational institutions involving Buddhism is definitely vague and it has been recently interpreted in numerous various ways, usually as a result of amount (probably hundreds) of numerous sects, subsects, movements, etc. which have as well as presently from the total involving Buddhist ways of life. The sectary in addition to conceptual partitions connected with Buddhic considered tend to be part of the modern day fabric involving Buddhist studies, as well as comparison religious beliefs inside Parts of asia.
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