List and briefly define important factors that can be used in evaluating or comparing the various digital-to-digital encoding techniques?

What major factors are used in digital encoding technique?
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"Signal spectrum: A lack of high-frequency components means that less bandwidth is required for transmission. In addition, lack of a direct-current (dc) component means that ac coupling via transformer is possible. The magnitude of the effects of signal distortion and interference depend on the spectral properties of the transmitted signal. Clocking: Encoding can be used to synchronize the transmitter and receiver. Error detection: It is useful to have some error detection capability built into the physical signaling encoding scheme. Signal interference and noise immunity: Certain codes exhibit superior performance in the presence of noise. Cost and complexity: The higher the signaling rate to achieve a given data rate, the greater the cost. Some codes require a signaling rate that is in fact greater than the actual data rate."
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"Digital programming approaches tend to be pertaining to two sorts--Frigid plus the disease. The specific freezing encrypted sheild usually are--RZ(Return to Simply no), NRZ (Simply no RZ) , The city of birmingham as well as Derivative Stansted. The condition advancement are typically--AMI ( Alternate Indicate Eversion) along with BnZS ( The illness with Absolutely no Choice). "
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