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rowley 05-12-2012
rowley - London Metropolitan University
"Steps in a Delphi Technique 1. Clarification of goals and objectives of the research will help structure the questions and organize the discussions. 2. At least 30-45 days should be allowed to prepare for the Delphi Technique. 3. A scheduled timeline should be fixed and maintained as far as possible. 4. The work-group should be very carefully identified as expert opinions are to be extracted from the Delphi technique. The potential participants should be interested in and knowledgeable about the topic of the research and motivated to contribute meaningfully to the same. 5. A project coordinator is to be assigned – he should have an experience in using Delphi Technique, as well as knowledgeable about the problem being explored and possess some technical knowledge of research structures. His primary task would be to guide the work-group. 6. Opinions from experts are gathered, anonymously and separately. 7. The results thus obtained are consolidated and fed back to the experts as a group. 8. Each of the members of the work-group are questioned individually again, in the light of peer group opinion. 9. The process continues until consensus is reached. Source:"

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