Can you provide the traits and characteristics of Opinion Leaders.

Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details of the Opinion Leadership Characteristics of Measurement?
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"Consumer researchers and market practitioners have successfully identified traits and characteristics of Opinion Leaders, and developed their profile. Such traits and characteristics are discussed as follows: i) Opinion leaders possess high levels of involvement and interest in a specific product or service category. ii) They are subject experts and have tremendous knowledge about the specific product or service category. iii) They are product or service category specific; a person who is an opinion leader in a particular product/service category would be an Opinion Receiver/Seeker for another. iv) In most cases, Opinion Leaders are also consumer innovators. v) Opinion Leaders also possess certain personal characteristics; by nature, they are self-confident and gregarious. vi) As far as characteristics related to social class and social standing are concerned, Opinion leaders generally belong to the same socioeconomic group as Opinion Receivers/Seekers. Source:"`
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"Opinion leadership can be command simply by an energetic press drug user along with who interprets this is involving media messages or perhaps content intended for reduced-conclude marketing users. "
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