Can someone please help with my CALCULUS hw? I don't understand.?

"A particle’S placement (in meters) is offered because of the equating s(testosterone levels) = 5x sinfulness(2 times), within the separation [-a single, iv] minutes. Precisely what is their instantaneous velocity in to = 3? A. −three or more T. −one H. 3 Five hundred. π Elizabeth. someπ"
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"Find the derivative of the position function in order to find the velocity formula, then plug in 0 to find instantaneous velocity: s(t)=5xsin(2x)-> s'(t)= 5x*2cos(2x)+ 5sin(2x)-> 0+ 5sin(0)= 0-> The answer is C. 0."
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Tell him or your ex that you're anxious about moving past the course.
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