Can someone on this forum briefly explain about sasmit samādhi.

Can some one explain it its own words please?
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"Sasmit samādhi is a part of conscious samādhi. In this stage, the citta is concentrated on the ego-substance, which is identified with the self. Hence, individuality becomes an existent. Source:"
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"This hardest thing a locater will probably face over the effort in order to move up from one condition associated with brain to another will be the chronic habit of visualizing of which everything is a solid style as well as object, a single told apart in the additional, hinting thus that one thing mightn't have just about any actual, critical connection with the other. This specific eye-sight, this concept, this kind of presupposition in our sensing regarding whatever is going as opposed to your time and effort on yoga unification. You should not unify yourself with something, as it's standing up exterior you. The venue and that is linked to the solidity along with particularity involving issues is wanting to become obviated inside savichara samadhi, that One created referrals last time period, where an intense effort is made to envision thus-named factors with this world while centers associated with shifting power. "
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