"Can uranium cause mutations? "

"I require this particular for a scientific discipline challenge, cause I've got to layout some sort of superhero with a power by some thing about the routine kitchen table. I needed to feature A pursue in addition to wondered whether or not this will be in part precise. "
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yes, uranium is radioactive. too much exposure to radiation can cause cancer. radiation can also cause cells to do things that they're not supposed to. it basically messes the cells completely up. uncontrollable cell growth(cancer) could cause a tail-like structure. adding a tail would be fine.
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" weapons possess released dangerous, carcinogenic and mutagenic, radioactive dust such variety that-made aside sandstorms and also continued craft gusts of wind - there is no place in the entire world they can't click-which includes The british isles. For the the wind does not have any limits and moment can be on the side: your radioactivity lasts for over some,500,thousand,thousand years and could cause cancer malignancy, leukemia, mental faculties harm, kidney failure, as well as excessive beginning blemishes - killing countless every age for centuries into the future. A criminal offense towards humankind that might, within the face associated with historians, get ranking with all the pip atrocities out of them all. Most of these weapons get introduced dangerous, cancer causing as well as mutagenic, radioactive particles in such abundance there's zero place from the planet they won't click - which include Great britain. Nevertheless, technically, no more crime have been committed. Just for this story is a blue joke where the facts are already undetectable coming from people who required these individuals about. Additionally it is an account we need to know if your men and women involving Irak usually are to get the medical care that they desperately need, if the soldiers, going back from Iraq, will not be to be able to go through because terribly because the experts connected with other fights in which depleted atomic number 92 was applied. "
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