Can you determine how Socialization at childhood take place?

I am preparing for my finals in the next month. i can't find the solution to this question.
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"Socialization at childhood: Socialization during childhood takes place when children observe and later on replicate the behavior of the elders (grandparents, parents and older siblings) at home. The children are taught about the values and modes of behavior, directly through instruction and communication, and indirectly through observation of behavior by elders at home. As they replicate behavior, they are rewarded and the behavior gets reinforced. Thus, the family of orientation has an important role to play. However as they grow up, their consumption behavior also gets influenced by friends, as well as reference groups (both direct and indirect). The process of socialization helps adopt shopping and buying skills of products and services, as also brands at dealer’s outlets and stores. Source:"
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Assimilation (as well as socializing) is often a expression used simply by sociologists, mixing machine psychiatrists, anthropologists, national politics scientists along with educationalists to refer to this constant strategy of acquiring in conjunction with looking at some social norms, techniques as well as ideologies, offering someone with all the current expertise as well as conducts necessary for active inside of his very own modern-day contemporary society. Socialization might be thus ‘the suggests where societal in addition to racial determination ar achieved’.
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