Can you determine the explanation of the Lifestyle analysis?

I have an important test next week. I need the information for the Lifestyle analysis.
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"Consumer behaviorists and researchers have studied lifestyles of the community and made generalizations. Lifestyles have been assessed in terms of activities, interests and opinions (AIOs). They have been measured as a general measure as well as a specific measure. In terms of marketing, the general measure relates to the use of product and service offerings by people belonging to a social class. As a specific measure they relate to brands, whether economy, middle-range or premium. Thus, lifestyle analysis may be used as a general measure or as a specific measure. Marketers make use of general lifestyles while making product decisions, whether related to the product itself, or price, place and promotion. This would include assessment of new product opportunities, the segmentation, targeting and positioning and all other decisions related to the marketing strategy. On the other hand, marketers make use of specific lifestyles while making decisions related to a brand, be it its positioning, pricing and any other decision related to brand management. Source:"
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The psychoanalysis of a personal evening-to-morning style involving surviving equally indicated in that individuals Pursuits, Hobbies, and Viewpoints—occasionally referred to as AIOs or perhaps psychographics.
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