Can you explain Support Systems in Information Systems?

Elaborate the Information System known as "Support Systems"?
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"If you suffer from depression, not what you may want to give thought to is making friends. Depressive the weather is frequently plus a bicycle regarding remoteness – greater persons keep off exposure to people, greater feeling hopeless they are more likely to think, along with the a lot more they are going to usually distance themself. Merely developing and a solid support method is a significant a part of yourself-health care architectural plan. Individuals you choose to include can provide involvment and assist you to problem your own negative imagining. "
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It is vital not to attempt to handle depression fully all on your own. You might need a assist method utilized by this caring, very helpful people in your lifetime – those people loved ones, pals, coworkers, neighbours along with acquaintances which help it become simple for you being by yourself
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