Can you give me an example regarding disadvantages of threads?

I have good understanding about User-Level Threads. I read in my course book that is has some disadvantages as well. Can you give me an example to prove it?
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An operation would be the "heaviest" unit of kernel scheduling. Processes own resources allocated from the operating-system. Resources include memory, file handles, sockets, device handles, and windows.
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Processes tend not to share address spaces or file resources except through explicit methods for example inheriting file handles or shared memory segments, or mapping identical file within a shared way. Processes are normally preemptively multitasked.
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"For example, if one thread causes a page fault, the process entire process will blocked in the kernel, even if there are runable threads left in the processes. Source “http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Operating_System_-_Deadlock_-_Sonali_Agrawal“"
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