Can you provide the languages that are supported by Database?

Kindly provide some Database languages that are easily manageable in a DBMS?
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It typically supports query languages, which are in fact high-level programming languages, dedicated database languages that considerably simplify writing database application programs. Database languages also simplify the database organization as well as retrieving and presenting information from it. Source:
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"The situation connected with including data source in addition to programming lan- guages has become open for almost 1 out of 3 several years. Make your best effort much development has been given, throughout discovering specialised data bank encoding languages, extraneous tenacity, thing-orientated directories, transaction types, data accessibility your local library, inserted inquiries, in addition to target-relational chromosome mapping. Although brand new options are usually recommended on a yearly basis, not one features but established to the full acceptable. I justification just for this predicament is the trouble is non su±ciently nicely delaware¯ned, making sure that just a few solutions continue being planned and also assessed based upon not whole metrics, generating directed progress di±cult. This specific cardstock can be an make an effort to make clear the condition, as an alternative to suggest a brand new alternative.Many of us assessment conditions occur on the bounds 'tween selection languages in addition to directories, which include inputting, opti- mization, and also reprocess. Most of us build speci¯chemical considerations pertaining to assessing alternatives and also implement those to the most effective approaches stated previously. Your analy- sis demonstrates advance has been manufactured, yet the important difficulty regarding getting together with each of the conditions concurrently cadaver open."
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