What was the cause of the Pubic Wars between Carthage and Rome? Was personal hygiene a factor?

I was thinking just how
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It was the hard-fought extension of the Trojan war, famous for stealthy incursions nd hitting below the belt...Hygene is always a factor. There was no shortage of hairy conflicts, from present-day Labia, across the desert to the Penile river valley..
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"Over the middle of the-3 rd one hundred year BCE, Carthage was obviously a big metropolis upon the shoreline of modern Tunisia. Launched through the Phoenicians within the the middle of-9th one hundred year BCE, it had been an excellent thalassocratic area-nation having a substantial business oriented multilevel. With the outstanding location-declares inside developed Mediterranean sea, only The italian capital beaten the item inside strength, money, along with populace. Even though Carthage's deep blue was the biggest within the antediluvian globe at that time, this hadn't keep a sizable, everlasting, position military. Alternatively, Carthage relied generally on mercenaries, especially the ancient Numidians, to be able to conflict its competitions. Withal, almost all of the reps whom urged this armies were Carthaginian individuals. The actual Carthaginians had been famous with regards to skills while ocean adventurers, and in contrast to his or her armies, several Carthaginians on the lower courses supported into their navy blue, which furnished these with a well balanced cash flow and vocation. "
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