Who caused the suez crisis in the 1950's and who also dragged the US into Vietnam?

I was wondering how
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"UK, France and Israel attacked Egypt to reclaim the suez canal zone after Nasser nationalized it. This forced Egypt to later become a soviet proxy. This transformed the regional tension sin the middle east into super powers proxy wars which almost brought the two powers into nuclear confrontation in 1973. All because of France's colonial dreams. US was dragged into Vietnam after the French failure in Vietnam. The French failed, were massacred and the US needed to fill the vacuum the French caused. Even Iraq in the 1980's was armed with French arms and was almost supplied with a French nuclear reactor. Later US had to pressure France to give them the electronic coeds of the Iraqi french made radars. In the 1990s France did nuke tests in the ocean, this gave india an incentive to test their nukes. Later Pakistan tested, all because of France."
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