Please provide the details of the following characteristic of an innovator. Innovators also possess certain purchase, usage and consumption characteristics.

Can someone do me a favor. Elaborate details of the Innovators also possess certain purchase, usage and consumption characteristics characteristics of innovators?
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"Innovators also possess certain purchase, usage and consumption characteristics, which differentiate them from non-innovators. - Innovators are low on brand loyalty; in fact they are switchers. This is quite natural, for if they were brand loyal, they would not have been variety novelty seekers, or venturesome, and would not have been ever willing to try out new products/service offerings. - They are deal hunters; they are always on the look out for good deals, and like to take advantage of promotional offers, like free samples, discounts or small trial packs. - They are heavy users of the product/service category. If a person has an inclination for electronic products, and is the first to go and buy a mobile or the I-pod, it is more than likely that he would also be the first to go and buy the I-pad. This implies that they act as innovators for all products in that particular category. - As innovators possess special interest in a product category, and want to keep themselves aware and abreast with the latest, special-interest magazines and journals have a big role to play in educating them. Marketers need to provide information in such magazines as innovators prefer the print media over the audio visual. They gather and process information via central route to persuasion. Source:"
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"Innovators likewise get particular purchase, usage along with use qualities, which make a distinction these through not for-innovators."
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