China involvement in World War 1 peace conference?

"Internet marketing carrying out a labor in human race conflict one, i used to be capable of answer all the questions other than this, just about any help will be valued. ps: this can be concerning the Versailles Contentment Seminar -Decide in the event the conference will begin which in turn from the some other groupings might be the fans as well as which often their opponents. - Know which usually with their goals ultimately were being enacted and also that have been not successful Cheers "
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"The Versailles Treaty failed to note Japanese occupation of the province of Shandong, despite prolonged Chinese protest on the issue, and resulted in continued Japanese occupation, hence China refused to acknowledge the Treaty. Perhaps the Allied powers were too preoccupied with European issues, or they thought prudent to interfere with Japanese affairs when Japan proved to be an ally in WWI, either way the result was Japan was able to use Shandong as the landing point in their invasion of China prior and during WWII. ""The war that ends all wars"" merely set up the stage for WWII."
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"Possibly the Confederative properties were being excessively taken up(p) along with Western european troubles. "
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