"What is cognitive dissonance? How can a marketer help reduce cognitive dissonance?"

Please explain Cognitive Dissonance. Also provide the method of reducing Cognitive Dissonance by a Marketer?
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"The feeling of tension and anxiety that a consumer experiences after the purchase of a product is called cognitive dissonance. - The marketer can play an important role in reducing the dissonance that the consumer faces and reassuring him that the choice he made was the right one. a) The marketer can communicate with the customer about the various attributes/features and benefits that the product has to offer in comparison with other alternatives. b) He can follow up with the customer and address queries and concerns if any (eg. follow up calls). c) Marketers’ assurances with respect to warranties, guarantees and exchange can also pacify the cognitive dissonance state. d) Company websites with FAQs (frequently asked questions); satisfied customers’ comments and blogs; and customer care information (eg. toll free numbers etc) can also prove to be helpful.Source:"
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