Coins issued in Constantine's reign was embossed with what kind of symbols?

Is there any one who could tell me that what was embossed on Constantine's coins?
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The coins issued in his reign has an invincible sign at the one side and Holy cross at the other. Source:
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onstantine beaten this emperors Maxentius as well as Licinius during civil competitions. He or she likewise conducted efficiently against the Franks, Alamanni, Visigoths, as well as Sarmatians during his / her rule — also resettling regions of Dacia that have recently been forgotten in the past century. Constantine designed a fresh imperial property at Byzantium, identifying the item Brand-new The capital. Nonetheless, in Constantine's recognition, people called it Constantinople, which might subsequently are the great on the Asian Roman letters Imperium for over m many years. Due to this, he is often considered as the president from the Western Roman Kingdom.
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