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Wireless Communication Systems

What are two types of a cell which can be used in Cellular Networks?
I am preparing a class assignment on different cellular concepts. But feeling trouble in considering antenna types which are used in cells.
How hexagonal shape for a cell is preferred instead of other shapes?
I have read about concept of hexagonal shape for a celli at many places. Give argument for choosing it.
What are different cases for not choosing a circle as a Cell?
I want to know why circle was not choose for a cell, I have read number of articles but could not understand.
What is meant by footprint in the field of wireless networks?
One of my friends is working in an Education Community and I got very interesting info regarding cellular networks and its concept. But I was not clea...
Why hexagonal shape for a cell has been introduced instead of circle?
I have to make a report on challenges which are always waiting for regulations. Please explain each of them.
Please identify the concept of frequency reuse concept in cellular networks?
I am new in the field of Cellular Networks and want to understand frequency reuse concept through a graph or figure.
Why “in-band signaling” mechanism is changed into “out-of-band signaling”?
Hello, I am the student of Masters and I have suggest my research area Satellite Communication. Please show me some facts about in-band and out-bound ...
What are different layers of SS7 protocol?
I have read about Signaling System 7 in an IT magazine, can you show me protocol of it so that I get it more clearly.
What is the physical layer of SS7 protocol?
I have given an assignment where I have to explain functionalities of physical layer. Please show me some facts about that.
What is the main purpose of Data Link Layer of SS7 protocol?
I have read somewhere that MTP2 is the Data Link Layer of SS7 Protocol. How it handle signals. Please Help.
How the network layer works at SS7 protocol?
I have good knowledge about Physical and Data link layer of SS7 protocol. I also want to be well familiarizing with the Network Layer. Please show som...
What are the features of Signaling Connection Control Part in SS7 protocol?
From a very long time I am doing research in the field of SS7, I have read number of papers but still confused about main function of SCCP of SS7 prot...