Explain the concept of Comparative advertising in the context of the Consumer Behavior subject?

Can you provide the Comparative advertising concept of the marketing issues?
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"Comparative advertising: A marketer could position his offering in two ways, one, on the basis of point of parity; and two, on the basis of differentiation. In both these cases, the marketer tries to compare his product/service offering with the competitor. When a marketer tries to compare his product/service offering with a competitor, it is called as comparative advertising. The marketer would exercise some of the following options; 1) State how his product/service has the same attributes like other competitive offerings, but the former’s offering is better than the latter’s; 2) State how his product/service has attribute(s), that are unique to himself and not possessed by other competitors. Through comparative advertisement, a marketer tries to illustrate the superiority of his product/service offering over competitive offerings. Such comparisons may be drawn on one or few attributes or on an overall basis. However, sometimes the effort by the marketer can backfire, to the competitors disadvantage. A comparative advertisement from a marketer may help recall the product/service offering of a competitor. Source:"
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"Comparative degree advertising is definitely an advertisement in which a finical solution, as well as support, particularly mentions A competition by simply reputable name this express aim of demonstrating exactly why the competitor is substandard for the ware designation that. Comparative promoting, likewise known as ‘knocking replicate’, can be often looked as promotion wherever “your publicized manufacturer is actually clearly compared with a number of competitive manufacturers plus the comparability is actually ignorant towards the market.” "
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