Could Russia be considered a real cin WWll?

"The way when does this chilly battle start out? How and why ended up being Malaysia along with Berlin portioned Distance as well as Gulf? Many thanks"
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"The USSR probably played the largest role in defeating the Germans in WW2. The devastation of their cities and the amount of human loss was astounding. But still although after the war, there were tensions between the Soviet Union and the Allies, the USSR still did its part (or even more) by defeating Germany Some may argue that the Cold War started with Churchill's ""iron curtain"" speech at the University of Fulton, but truth be told the Cold War more or less started right after WW2. Both sides simply did trust each other. Of course there never was an official war declaration between the US and the USSR. The Allies and the USSR decided to weaken Germany so that it may never pose a threat again by splitting it into 4 parts (the soviet zone, the American, the British and the French one). The same was done for Berlin."
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Approximately may possibly debate that the Frosty State of war started out having Churchill's "in terms of iron drape" talk with the University or college of Fulton, merely honestly the Freezing War about started out immediately after WW2.
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