"Critically assess the nature and importance of motivational research."

Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. Can some one determine the major role and objective of Motivational Research .
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"Human motives are hypothetical in nature; they are varied across people and also across situations; they are abstract and sometimes cannot be exactly identified by people themselves. They could also remain outside the preview of exact identification and measurement by researchers; thus, the measurement of consumption motives and the processes that underlie consumption processes and patterns of behavior have been a subject of question and debate. Consumer behaviorist and researchers use multiple tools and techniques for measurement of consumer motives. These include consumer surveys and projective tests to study underlying motives, and observations of consumers at store to study direct behavior. These tools are useful if used in conjunction with each other; they complement each other and help facilitate drawing up of valid and reliable findings. Motivational research attempts to identify underlying motives, desires and feelings concerning consumption of product/service offerings and corresponding consumption patterns. Its understanding has relevance and applicability for marketing managers who could benefit from such research for reasons that are many.Source:"
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