"Critically assess the various techniques used to measure Opinion Leadership."

I have a major quiz tomorrow. Topic if Opinion Leadership is included. Please provide the assessment.
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"Marketers are interested in identifying, measuring and analyzing the impact of the opinion leadership process on consumption patterns and consumption behavior. Researchers make use of various methods to measure Opinion Leadership. According to Rogers, there are four basic techniques for measuring Opinion Leadership, viz., i) the self-designating method; ii) the sociometric method; iii) the key informant method; and iv) the objective method. Each of these is explained and critically assessed as follows: i) The self-designating method: A marketing survey is conducted and people are asked a series of questions to determine the degree to which they behave as Opinion Leaders. ii) The sociometric method: The sociometric method of measuring Opinion Leadership basis itself on the study of the social system, and particularly the communication patterns and flows to identify those to give information and advice as act as Opinion Leaders. iii) The key informant method: Based on careful observation and analysis of social communication, key informants in a social system are identified. These key informants are asked to identify and/or designate individuals in the social group who are Opinion Leaders or who are most likely to be Opinion Leaders. iv) The objective method: The objective method is based on simulation. It identifies and measures Opinion Leadership by placing people in controlled environments (just as controlled experiments). Source:"
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