Why did Cromwell allow Jewish people back into England after he killed the King of England?

"why even the King regarding The united kingdom of the 1600s seemed to be against the strategy? the amount of Jewish people located Great britain along with what they performed about entering? have been the majority of by The low countries? or exactly where? have been quite a few and even nearly all involved with craft,,especially together with Eastern India Firm? or even what exactly otherwise? why proceed to The uk?"
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Jewish people brought trade and money into the country which in turn produced taxes which were probably used to line Cromwells pocket and to be honest with you I'm only going on a hunch, its the same with other foreigners today as they bring in trade and improve our health service which the government gets taxes from, if the government like Cromwell didn't get taxes they wouldn't be able to run Parliament effectively. The Jews are hard workers, good traders and shrewd businessmen unlike some of the UK people today who just sit on their bums claiming.
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"This individual thought they will activate this despondent economic climate. "
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