Hi I am currently in Grade 12 and I plan on taking Electrical Engineering upon finishing Highschool.Quick ques?

Hi I will be at the moment within Class 14 and I thinking about taking EE upon polishing off High school.Speedy problem. I will be with before-cal a dozen at this point along with am having no more issues..my own 100 % pure pre-california marks have always been among eighty-five-100 percent. The current average is appropriate approximately ninety-four inwards pre-cal twelve. Despite the fact that I'm not really at present taking natural philosophy, because it is the beginning of the year I've got a different some nights to exchange my personal standard science to be able to natural philosophy even though it is just not compulsory on the School I prefer to show up at. Although coming from talking with a lot of people many people extremely encouraged One get Physics. Now utilizing Significant algebra and trim come an easy task to me personally hense our A's inside pre-tartar. Only forget to take natural philosophy must i sometimes be inside a tough place after i commence my EE Semen beginning next year?
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you probably wont have to take physics in college until 2nd semester freshman year, after you take cal 1, because it will be a physics with calculus class (not as bad as it seems) and physics will be a relatively new way of thinking to you that's why it's probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with it in high school but depending on how quickly you catch on to new things you could do ok
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take physics atleast so that you can have a mere idea about it
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