"What are near-death experiences, and what is the controversy over their explanation?"

"Hello to everybody, please explain me about the experiences of near-death , and also tell me about their controversy over their explanation , if anyone knows."
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"Many people who have survived a brush with death, such as through cardiac arrest, report near-death experiences. These sometimes involve out-of-body sensations and seeing or traveling toward a bright light. Some researchers believe that such experiences closely parallel reports of hallucinations and may be products of a brain under stress. Others reject this analysis."
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Any close-demise encounter (NDE) refers to a broad variety of private suffers from associated with impending passing away, encompassing many potential whizzes which includes disengagement from the entire body; inner thoughts involving levitation; total serenity, security, or warmth; the expertise of utter dissolution; plus the reputation of an easy.
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