Define a reference group according to the consumer?

This seems way too difficult for me, let me try to explain what is actually a reference group?
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Individuals whoever thought patterns, doings, philosophy, views, preferences, and ideals are employed by means of anyone as the time frame with regards to judgment. One dosen't should be (and even anticipate to end up being) an associate of your reference collection to become in a negative way or favorably influenced aside it's features.
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"Team, school, or even class of individuals to which men and women think that they fit in, whether or not they actually do. Their particular human relationship to their referrals group may perhaps affect the acquiring conduct. By way of example, in case a gentleman deals a more high-priced automobile in comparison with they normally would likely mainly because his neighbors thrust that particular model, the acquiring behavior sometimes appears to get swayed through his / her reference point class. "
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"It is a natural tendency on the part of an individual to look up to another as with comparison; each one of us looks towards another individual or a group as a point of comparison. This group to which a person looks up as a point of comparison is known as a reference group. A reference group may be a person or a group to which an individual looks up as a frame of reference for his general and specific acts of behavior, values, opinions, attitudes etc. The reference person or the reference group exercises tremendous influence on an individual. This is true for consumer behavior as well. Source:"
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