Define address space.

Hi community! Can someone help me with this assignment question.? Define address space.
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"A course utilizes a great SRB to be able to set off a procedure throughout yet another address space or even in the identical savoir-faire room. This SRB can be asynchronous in nature along with goes on their own of the system of which difficulties the item, therefore increasing the use of sources within a parallel processing environs. "
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Kids connected with exclusive deals with that this os assigns to your individual as well as independently run programme is known as a previous address living space. This can be the section of repetitive electronic deals with readily available for performing guidelines in addition to keeping information.
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A group of memory addresses usable by something are termed as address space, each program has different address space.Source: http://us.docsity.com/en-video/History_of_the_World_-_Operating_Systems_Structure_-_Operating_Systems_and_System_Programming_-_Computer_Science_-_Anthony_Joseph_-_Lecture_2_Video_1
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