Define biphase encoding and describe two biphase encoding techniques?

What is biphase encoding and which are the two biphase techniques?

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"Some sort of biphase structure needs at least one changeover for each act some time and might have up to a couple of changes. Inside the Luton program code, there exists a change in the center of each bit point; a small-to be able to-substantial change shows a 1, as well as a in high spirits-to help-reduced changeover presents a new 3. Inwards differential Birmingham, the midbit passage is needed simply to produce clocking. Your development of an 0 is presented by the presence of A cross over in the beginning of a tad point, and also a one is represented by the absence of the passage in the beginning of your little time period."

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"Manchester encoding provides a self-clocking waveform that incorporates the data bit sequence. In other words, there is not a separate clock signal associated with this standard because the clock is embedded in the data. "

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