Define Comitatus.

Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the definition of the Comitatus.
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Comitatus was a Germanic friendship structure that compelled kings to rule in consultation with their warriors. Source: http://us.docsity.com/en-video/Barbarian_Kingdoms__Intellectual_Life_after_the_Fall_of_Rome_-_The_History_of_European_Early_Middle_Ages_-_Paul_Freedman_-_Lecture_7_of_22
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Comitatus would be a Germanic friendly relationship construction of which compelled kings in order to rule out discussion using a warrior, forming some sort of warband. The comitatus, while defined within the Roman type historian Tacitus's treatise Germania (98.AD), may be the relationship current between a Germanic knight and his Head of the family, making sure that nor leaves the field of combat prior to some other. The translation is really as practices: Furthermore, to survive the best in addition to escape on the field of honor can be a ongoing discredit and infamy."
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