Define consumer attitude.

Can some one explain the term " Consumer Attitude"? Provide a detailed information.
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"Consumer attitudes may be defined as an inner feeling of favorableness or unfavorableness towards a product or service offering and the 4Ps. As Schiffman has defined, “Attitudes are an expression of inner feelings that reflect whether a person is favorably or unfavorably predisposed to some ""object"" (e.g., a brand, a service, or a retail establishment),” and “Attitude formation, in turn, is the process by which individuals form feelings or opinions toward other people, products, ideas, activities, and other objects in their environment”. An attitude is reflective of a consistent favorable or unfavorable feeling that a consumer or a prospect forms as a result of an evaluation about an object; the object being, a product/service offering, brand, price, store and dealer, salesperson, advertisement, promotion etc. As Schiffman puts it, it is “a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favorable or unfavorable way based on feelings and opinions that result from an evaluation of knowledge about the object”. It is noteworthy that attitudes cannot be directly observed, the reason being that they are impacted by psychographics like motivation, perception, and learning. Attitudes can only be inferred from what people say or what they do and how they behave. Source:"
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"Ndividuals are those with needs and wants. When the variety of people within a certain group really feel one method or another in regards to a item, overhaul, entity, individual, area or even matter, it is known becoming a generalised client position that can bear upon the actual promoting of that human being, item or even thing inside good or bad ways. Online marketers try to affect customer thinking, and also comprehending the prevalent perspective would be the first step to help modifying the idea as needed. "
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