Can you define the Consumer-oriented approach as a perspective of innovation?

Hey guys! One more question stuck, anyone?
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"Consumer-oriented: The consumer-oriented approach to defining “innovation”, is a favored approach over others, especially in consumer behavior research, and more specifically in research related to diffusion of innovation, and adoption; the reason is that the concept of “newness” or “innovation” is dealt through focus on consumer, and his/her reaction towards the new product and service offering, in terms of acceptance and rejection. As per this approach, any product is regarded as “new”, if the consumer believes it to be so; it is purely based on the consumers’ perception of the newness of the product, rather than on technological changes that the product embodies. Source:"
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"The consumer-orientated analysis strategy commonly happens whenever main(a) businesses, governmental firms, and also people compile instructional or perhaps some other man solutions items details for your customer. These items can incorporate a range of materials as well as: program deals, work spaces, easy-guide press, within-program training prospects, staff assessment types or even processes, fresh engineering science, as well as software system. The consumer-driven evaluation tactic will be significantly being used by simply firms along with men and women intended for purchaser safety as marketing methods will not be always in the top pastime in the customer. Buyer education and learning usually requires using stringent rating considerations and check lists to guage products"
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