Define Long Term Scheduler as a type of Schedulers?

Please inform me about the Schedulers type " Long Term Scheduler"?
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"There are different queues of processes (in an operating system): Job Queue: Each new process goes into the job queue. Processes in the job queue reside on mass storage and await the allocation of main memory. Ready Queue: The set of all processes that are in main memory and are waiting for CPU time is kept in the ready queue. Waiting (Device) Queues: The set of processes waiting for allocation of certain I/O devices is kept in the waiting (device) queue. The short-term scheduler (also known as CPU scheduling) selects a process from the ready queue and yields control of the CPU to the process. In my lecture notes the long-term scheduler is partly described as maintaining a queue of new processes waiting to be admitted into the system. What is the name of the queue the long-term scheduler maintains? When it admits a process to the system is the process placed in the ready queue"
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"Long Term Scheduler : This Scheduler determines which job will be submitted for immediate processing. It selects from the job pool and loads them into memory. Source:"
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