Define the Two Queue Scheduling in Scheduling Mechanism of Preemptive Type?

Please provide the Two Queue Scheduling in Preemptive Scheduling Mechanism?
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"That case explains the best way to collection your line up priority for 2 lists called ideal-effort no-burning. The most beneficial-attempt waiting line carries a concern involving lower, and also the no more-reduction queue up incorporates a goal regarding rigorous-large. Every waiting line requires a distinct scheduler to set the top priority. The actual scheduler to get the best-hard work line up is termed follow-sched and the scheduler to the absolutely no-decline waiting line is known as nl-sched. A single scheduler function, schedmap1, associates this schedulers to the lines. "
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"The first task submit category as well as tagging will be chromosome mapping incoming visitors to certain queues. The two lines around the entrance part (versus 5 for the issue). That function is conducted based on the covering only two (Romaine) or covering three or more (IPP or maybe DSCP) paying attention to. Any time the local mls qos may be allowed within the swap the subsequent chart dining tables are widely-used to pick which traffic is inserted directly into that entering queue. "
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"Two Queue Scheduling : In this approach, the processes are classified into two different groups. One queue is allocated to CPU bound processes and other is allocated to I/O bound processes. Source:"
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