Define Securities Market and State the broad classification of the same.

Hi everybody! My teacher asked this question during the lecture and I am curious to know.
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"A market where financial or financial instruments are traded. It comprises of people, institutions, issuing organizations, processes & systems that enable transactions and regulators overseeing the participants as well as the processes. Securities market can be classified in different ways based on certain features as below: Tenure of the instruments: Long term (Capital Market) and Short term (Money Market) Transactions in the market: Primary market: when the instruments are sold/ issued for the first time to a particular investor and Secondary market: where securities change hands from one investor to another investor with the help of buy/sell agreement. Such transactions are facilitated by stock exchanges that have brokers as members. Source:"
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"A security as well as fiscal tool is often a tradable advantage of any kind. Sec ar broadly categorised into: debts stock options (like banknotes, provides as well as debentures), value sec, age.grams., typical shares; along with, derivative deals, like forrader, futures, choices as well as trades."
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