Define Short Term Scheduler as a type of Schedulers?

Please inform me about the Schedulers type " Short Term Scheduler"?
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"Short Term Scheduler : It is also called a CPU Scheduler. It allocates processes belonging to ready queue to CPU for immediate processing. Source:"
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Round robin gives a process an allotted time and continues until it's finished or its time expires. Priority schedules sort and run jobs based on some variety of priority ranking. The scheduler selects the highest-priority job next and runs it until it's finished or pre-empted by a higher priority, in which case its priority is lowered. For example, when a running process is interrupted and may be changed, the short-term scheduler must recalibrate and give the highest-priority job the green light. "Traditionally, active measurement tools such as Ping and Traceroute were used to determine round-trip delays and network path topology by using ICMP packets. Recently, active measurement tools such as H.323 Beacon , Multicast Beacon and BGP Beacon have been developed that emulate application-specific traffic and use the resulting measurement of the emulated traffic to estimate network health from the application perspective. Tools such as Pathchar and Pathrate have also been developed to determine available bandwidth and bandwidth capacity respectively in network paths using sophisticated packet probing techniques. Many of the above active measurement tools and other tools such as OWAMP , Iperf and ABwE have been integrated into NMIs used by ISPs and researchers to periodically perform active measurements between a set of measurement servers located at strategic points in both academic and commercial networks."
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