Define something about the Device Queue as Scheduling Queues?

Can you explain the Device Queue as Scheduling Queues?
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"With no VMDq, visitors are prepared by way of a individual running primary. Incoming readers are refined within the pursuit sequence on a physical adaptor linked with the electronic move with many different digital products (VMs): Info is standard for the multilevel adaptor. This multilevel transcriber transmits the disrupt to some Digital Equipment (VM) manager, which in turn throughout Hyper-V's lawsuit may be the House windows Host 2007 R2 administration segmentation. This disturb conveys to the particular Bone in which files must be highly processed. Almost all stops for the distinct NIC larboard visit a single running core within the VM coach. Your VM coach talks about your site visitors, and based on the Apple pc savoir-faire or perhaps VLAN, paths the item for the rectify VM from the VMBus (with regard to man-made adapters). The particular VM gets a great break informing it regarding the network targeted visitors, which usually the idea procedures"
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"The: Personal Device Gimmick Lists (VMDq) is a technological know-how allowing the community adapter to generate many separate lists, circulating this digesting fill over numerous cores. "
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"Device Queue : This queue contains a list of processes waiting for I/O devices. Source:"
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