Define the Conditional probability.

Hi all, need help!!!!!! tel me about the Conditional probability.
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The odds of one particular event, Any, taking place given that another, Barn, has already been proven to possess taken place: written R(The|Barn) as well as comparable to W(A as well as N)|R(M).
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"The primary quartile (also referred to as the bottom quartile) would be the amount down below which in turn is this 25 % on the bottom part info. The next quartile (the median) divides the range in the centre and it has 1 / 2 from the files at a lower place it. Your third quartile (also called the upper quartile) features 75 percent of the data beneath that and also the top rated 25 % of the info previously mentioned the item. Discover furthermore interquartile assortment and centile. "
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