Define the Distributed System type of an Operating System?

Some one please explain Operating System type " Distributed System "?
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"This System and Spread Technique Security measures Symposium (NDSS) is often held in March within San Diego, Florida. This a few evening seminar fuses impressive and also onward imagining members of the Internet local community such as foremost-edge safety measures scientists and also implementers, worldwide-accepted safety-technology specialists, along with consumers from both the exclusive along with general public sectors which layout, acquire, exploit, in addition to utilize the particular engineering that comprise multilevel along with allocated system security. "
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"Any spread product is a sheet of computer software in which makes sure that: An accumulation independent personal computers which appears to be its customers like a one coherent organization"
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"Distributed System : A Distributed System is an interconnection of two or more nodes, but the processors do not share memory. These Systems are also called as loosely Coupled Systems. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Fundamentals_of_Operating_Systems__Lecture_notes__Poonam_Sharma"
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